Monday, April 9, 2012

Ringo discrepancies

Ringo commonly has a lower right eye. I also noticed that, much like Pual’s left eye, Ringo’s right eye is (usually) somewhat caved in, or recessed.

Here, even though most have the recessed right eye, these are Ringos with level eyes. The tear ducts and pupils line up perfectly.

And here’s some Ringos with lower left eyes.

Notice there are different Ringos with different kinds of eyes throughout the entire Beatles era, and some of these are from the ‘70s, too. I'm also noticing differing angles to the eyes.
Also notice the differing left eyebrows, and whatever else you might notice that is different. Yet, the teeth are always the same, just like with the other three Beatles.

Are these possible all the same Ringo? This one seems to have the least fake smile of all the Ringos. Same eyebrow and lower left eye at least.
The ones on the far right and left, most likely the same, for sure.

Here Ringo seems to be wearing a Lee press-on ear, too.
See the excess plastic by his sideburn. This is at the Sept. 1966 Melody Taker Award ceremony.

It looks like he has a new ear growing in next to his old ear. Maybe the Beatles' ears molt, like bird feathers or snake skin :P
These are two different ears. Big difference in lobe thickness, for one.

And see the weird ear on Ringo during the And I Love Her interlude in the AHDN film.

And then there’s this odd-ball Ringo from the Beatles second appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Everything seems wrong with this Ringo, particularly the fake-looking ears.

I haven't made any Ringo comps yet, but I have noticed sometimes Ringo has a thin tapered left eyebrow.

And sometimes it’s full.

If he plucked, why did he forget half the time? And why would he pluck them to look so weird? It's almost like they were put on backwards.

Sometimes Ringo has a really long neck.

And sometimes he has a Really, really long neck.

Here's one of the few photos of Ringo with a normal neck.

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