Monday, April 9, 2012

John Lennon comparisons and composites

John from The White Album 1968, compared with John from With The Beatles 1963.

Biggest discrepencies I see are his lips - curved then straight. And the space between his eyes - big difference. Mouth and nose are pretty much the same width, but not space between eyes.

Here we have John from the White album 1968 and John from HDN 1964.

'68 John's eyes are mostly level, while '64 John's left eye is considerably lower, and his nose is a bit wider. Different chins, too.

Here I lined up the his eyes, now his nose and mouth don't line up.

Here we have John from HDN and John from How I won the War.

HDN John has a lower left eye. War John's eyes are a bit more level. Much like the above comparison.

Here we have John from Imagine and John from the mid-70s.

The eyes line up really well, and they are also quite level. But the space between them is drastically different. Imagine John has a longer face. take a look at those completely different noses!

I may have finally actually found a match! HDN and Pepper John. The noses might be a little different, but look at the eye angle! As I noticed earlier, HDN John has a lower left eye. They both have thick lower lips and ears & eyebrows seem perfect, too.

Granted, many believe the Pauls in the Pepper cover photos were doctored before the release of the album. Therefore, they might have doctored John's photo here.

3 John's from '63-64.
Here we have WTB John and HDN John. About a year apart. Close, but pupils don't line up and distance between is off.

WTB John and BFS John. Really close, but again, eyes are off. camera angle, perhaps?

Their jaws and chins are a different shape, and the one in the middle has fuller lips and his nostrils are more level.

Now HDN John and BFS John. I thought this one was going to be another Hard Sale. Yet, same time frame - same John pretty much. Earlier I noticed it seems HDN John and Pepper John are the same person.

Here we have awkward photo shoot John seen in the early 1960s and again around late-67 early-68

Everything lines up perfectly

Here's awkward John and HDN John, who earlier matched up with Pepper John.

No match. Pupils don't line up. Nose, not even close. So, now we've established there were at least 3 Johns as far back as 1963 (WTB John doesn't match HDN John).

Somebody in another forum claims these are the same person, so I did a comp.

Eye and nose distance are different. Nose to chin length different. Many other minor differences.

Here's the same John from 1962 with another '70s John, which looks to be in the same time frame as the previous '70s John.

Noses are a little different. Older John has a longer face. Eyes are a little off, too. But it's too hard to point out with such a small file. Teeth are almost the same, though......

Here's the two '70s Johns together.
Pupils don't line up. Noses and chin length a little different. Teeth are pretty much the same, though...

These two are obviously different, right? Their right eyes don't match up and noses are way different. HDN John has the super high-up right eye.

Here's John from the 1965 Umbrella group shoot. He doesn't match up with this John.

Eye distances and nose width don't match. Oddly enough B&W has wider eyes, Pink has wider nose.

On another forum it was pointed out that John's nose looks different when he smiles, I hadn't taken the time to research that yet. That is very important for us to know.
The same person also told me HDN John is the same as this John, so I went and did a comparison. (I had to shrink it a bit to make composites.)

Their noses are the same width, but the space between their eyes' aren't. Everything else is 99% the same. Even the pupils line up very close. I don't know if that's enough to say it's a different person, but it's something to think about. Eyeballing isn't enough sometimes. Get out that protractor.

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