Monday, April 9, 2012

Harrison comparisons

Some Georges have very level eyes, and a mostly symmetrical face.

And some Georges have a lower left eye and an asymmetrical face.

(and notice the different jaw lines and chin lengths on all these Georges).

There's a few Georges with lower right eyes.

Here's what they look like flipped.

It's a little harder to find George's that aren't perfect matches, but here are two I've found so far.

Granted, I think these are about 3-5 years apart: The distance from outer corner to outer corner of their eyes are 99% similar. But inner corners are way off. Bottom lips are way off. Could be angle?

In this one, the eyes match up perfectly but the corners of the mouth are way off. The bangs flow different directions, too.

Also, see his height fluctuate throughout the 1963 in this post:

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